Caster / Plaster / Faster / Flame

Written by Frido Evers on Monday August 23, 2021

Meer Projects presented:
Germain Ngoma, Kristine Dragland,
Frido Evers and Samoa Rémy

CASTER, PLASTER, FASTER, FLAME was realized November 2021 in Bjørvika Oslo.

“Caster, Plaster, Faster, Flame” collected these four artists; Dragland (Plaster), Ngoma (Caster). Evers (Faster) and Rémy (Flame) to meet in Meer Projects.

The title has given each artist a point of refference, a hint at some aspects in their practice. Do these frameworks give the artists superpowers? Or are these descriptions turning into stigma or some kind of restriction?

Check out the article wrote about the project :-)

Et Nomadisk Frirom

This project was sponsored by Oslo Kommune Kulturetaten and Kulturrådet.

Caster Plaster Faster Flame Poster
Meer Projects Pavilion
Meer Projects-Kristine Dragland
Meer Projects-Germain Ngoma
Meer Projects-Frido Evers
Meer Projects-Samoa Remy
Meer Projects
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