Communis / Corporalis / Atmos / Notatio

Meer Projects is proud to present:
Communis, Corporalis, Atmos, Notatio, (Addendum)

‘Communis, Corporalis, Atmos, Notatio’ the title of the exhibition planned for Supermarket Art Fair is referring to Community, body in relation to space, atmosphere, and notation/observation. An addendum the random element representing chance has been added in the last minute.
These descriptions are hinting at certain core values of the invited artist. Under this umbrella we want to exhibit the social aspect, the witnessing view, the emotional, and the physical impact through the perspective of our art. In resonance with each other the aim nonetheless is to become more than just a simplification of our individual expressions, but touching upon a complexity closer mimicking life where elements like these can freely and randomly interact.

The social angle represented by Juan Andrés Milanés Benito (CU/NO), the physical angle by Michiel Jansen (NL/NO), the atmospheric angle by Frido Evers (NL/NO) and the observant approach covered by Janne Talstad (NO).

§ The addendum or the random element is represented by the fifth artist Kristian Skylstad (NO)

Stockholm Independent Art Fair will be held on 25–28 April 2024
in Skärholmen Centrum.
Skärholmsplan 1 (entrance SKHLM 5), 127 48 Skärholmen
Opening hours:
Thursday–Saturday 12.00–20.00
Sunday 12.00–18.00
With kind support from the Office for Contemporary Art Norway

Caster / Plaster / Faster / Flame

Caster Plaster Faster Flame Poster

Meer Projects presented:
Germain Ngoma, Kristine Dragland,
Frido Evers and Samoa Rémy

CASTER, PLASTER, FASTER, FLAME was realized November 2021 in Bjørvika Oslo.

“Caster, Plaster, Faster, Flame” collected these four artists; Dragland (Plaster), Ngoma (Caster). Evers (Faster) and Rémy (Flame) to meet in Meer Projects.

The title has given each artist a point of refference, a hint at some aspects in their practice. Do these frameworks give the artists superpowers? Or are these descriptions turning into stigma or some kind of restriction?